Kamar S.r.l.
Via dei Cardatori, Blocco 6
40050 Centergross
Funo di Argelato (BO) ITALY
Tel. +39 051 6647110 - +39 051 6646542
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Company Profile



Kamar Ltd. was founded in 1995 by the union between the creativity of the stylist Katia Giannini and the manufacturing and managerial capacity of Marco Chiodi. Owners of the brand Privè Italia, with 90% of products destined for the Asian markets, in 2000 they undertook a process of development and restructuring of their commercial network to launch the new brand Katia g..
The idea was to create a young line with its finger on the pulse of fashion, and the continual care with which the shops promoting the Katia g. brand, effective communication, quality of merchandise and respect for the consumer have all led to the growing success of the firm, 75% of whose production is destined for the national market and 25% for abroad, and whose staff now numbers close to 100.


Total look women's wear, with continuous selection monitoring the rapid evolution of the latest trends, is targeted at women of a medium to high socioeconomic status.
The collection is aimed at a dynamic woman who follows the latest trends and pays close attention to detail, making her able to recognise an innovative product of quality made of sought-after materials and finished to a high standard.
The strengths of Katia g. are its jackets and coats, trousers, suits, skirts and blouses. Its accessories complete a minimalist and ever trendy total look. All production stages from design to manufacturing are strictly made in Italy.


In the Bologna styling lab (the soul of Kamar Ltd.), ideas spring to life thanks to the constant endeavours, care in the selection of suppliers and collaborators, the search for textiles and accessories, careful pattern making and creation of prototypes. In addition to the forthcoming collections, the firm is able to re-supply both Italian and foreign retailers with the new items dictated by the market on a weekly basis, thanks to our team's ongoing research into new lines and forms, continuous study and comparison of materials and colours, and the constant attention to the manufacturing process.


To transform the Katia g. label into a high-street name with mono-brand shops and affiliations with multi-brand retailers who wish exploit the formula. As well as merchandise, this project will offer excellent service and publicity. The Katia g. marketing and promotion teams will endeavour to create a strong sense of belonging to the brand, but the best publicity will always be customer satisfaction.